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Our family knows that glorious and divine food is at the top of life's pleasures. And, for us, cooking is both a love and a passion! An invitation to our home for dinner is always a special time to share our love and affection with good friends. I learned the art of cooking at an early age -- rolling dough and making pasta, sauces, pastries and candies -- watching my mother as she made all our meals from scratch, including homemade desserts!

Two-Nuts is an inspiration from my mom. Sitting around the kitchen table, laughing and telling stories, the idea of starting our own business was resurrected for the umpteenth time! What will people love? It's got to be simple and delicious. So mom says, "I make a "killer" peanut brittle!" I say "And I make a fabulous chocolate bark." So what do we call ourselves? She spouts, "Two Nuts" .... that's us!

The Two NutsThe Two NutsOur recipes are old-fashioned favorites and rich confections full of chocolate, nuts and fruit -- fabulous! Almost a pound of large Virginia peanuts is in each pound and one-half of brittle. Our Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Bark boasts crunchy chopped peanuts and pretzels offered with dark or milk chocolate. The Chocolate Nut Toffee with almonds or pecans, enrobed with chocolate and layered crushed nuts, just melts in your mouth.

Delicious and timeless, we offer Chocolate Pecan Turtles and plump Chocolate Raisin Clusters and Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Our unique Caramel Crunch Clusters, nuts, toffee, and pretzel bits in heavenly chocolate clusters, topped with caramel, have a little crunch in every bite. NEW to our Spring menu... Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothies, Bunny Bark and Chocolate Haystacks. Savor our unique creations ... Chocolate Raspberry Truffies, Chocolate Espresso Martini Clusters, Golden Chocolate Clusters, and Dark or White Chocolate Raspberry Bark, and more. Just check out our Candy Menu.

Gift giving of candy confections are perfect for your friends, family, clients, employees. Our candies can be purchased directly from us or from our fine retailers. Indulge with unique gifts of hand-made candies.

So many folks have responded positively and love our delectables. We are blessed with wonderful friends and business acquaintances who are supporting us in our new venture and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Looking to send delicious candies to someone in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, or Hershey, PA? "Click To Candy Shop" on the left menu to view and purchase for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and all occasions.

Welcome from the Two Nutty Candymakers ! ~~~ Marie and LannyTwo Nutty CandymakersTwo Nutty Candymakers