ABC27 Daybreak and Two Nutty Candymakers!

The "silly" Sr Nut and I are still pinching ourselves ! At the invitation of ABC27 WHTM and James Crummel, these two nutty candymakers appeared live on ABC27 Daybreak, donning the aprons, offering cooking demos and of course bringing with us trays and boxes of decadent candy confections. We can't say enough about the ABC27 crew - everyone was so gracious and welcoming - and appreciative of our candy-filled visit- and made it so easy to be "on air". Now we are setting the alarm early to get up and be their fans on Daybreak.
ABC27 Daybreak 3ABC27 Daybreak 3
And, yes, Mom does go to bed with Chocolate Pecan Turtles on her nightstand, but Dad is still her favorite guy!

It was absolutely our pleasure to be on Daybreak and we thank James, Brett and Valerie for the opportunity to present Two-Nuts Confections. Here's a few photos of that special morning....
ABC27 Daybreak and Two-NutsABC27 Daybreak and Two-NutsABC27 DaybreakABC27 DaybreakABC27 Daybreak ConfectionsABC27 Daybreak ConfectionsABC27 Daybreak TwoNutsABC27 Daybreak TwoNuts